Completo al 100% [3DS]



  • Ness: Finish 10 Versus matches, or beat Classic Mode with two characters
  • Falco: Finish 20 Versus matches, or beat Classic Mode with one character
  • Wario: Finish 30 Versus matches
  • Lucina: Finish 40 Versus matches, or beat Classic Mode with three Fire Emblem characters
  • Dark Pit: Finish 50 Versus matches, or beat Classic Mode with four characters
  • Dr. Mario: Finish 60 Versus matches, or beat Classic Mode with Mario
  • R.O.B.: Finish 70 Versus matches
  • Ganondorf: Finish 80 Versus matches, or beat Classic Mode with a Zelda character
  • Mr. Game & Watch: Finish 90 Versus matches
  • Bowser Jr.: Finish 100 Versus matches, or beat Classic Mode with Bowser on 7.0 difficulty or higher
  • Duck Hunt: Finish 110 Versus matches, or beat Classic Mode eight times
  • Jigglypuff: Finish 120 Versus matches

Abilità customizzabili:

  • Wii Fit Trainer — Big Ball: Land a ten-hit combo in Training Mode
  • Captain Falcon — Lightning Falcon Kick: Land a ten-hit combo in Training Mode
  • Meta Knight — Speed Drill: Win five matches as Meta Knight
  • Villager — Lloid Climb: Fight one match on Tortimer Island
  • Marth — ???: ???
  • Mario — Explosion Punch: Score 200,000 points in Target Blast
  • Link — Giant Bomb: Clear 300 blocks in Trophy Rush
  • Ike — Muscle Bomb: Clear 1000 blocks in Trophy Rush
  • DIddy Kong — Pop Gun Explosion: Clear 3000 blocks in Trophy Rush



  • Magicant: Unlock Ness
  • WarioWare, Inc.: Unlock Wario
  • Flat Zone 2: Unlock Mr. Game & Watch
  • Dream Land: Use Kirby’s Final Smash
  • Pac-Maze: Use Pac-Man’s Final Smash
  • Balloon Fight: Win three matches as Villager
  • Mute City: Win three matches as Captain Falcon


  • All-Star Mode (complete): Unlock all hidden characters
  • ???: Complete Classic Mode at 9.0 difficulty
  • ???: Win Smash Run twenty times
  • ???: Complete Classic Mode with every character
  • ???: Complete All-Star Mode with every character


  • Menu 2 (DX): Unlock all hidden characters
  • Staff Roll: Score 99% or higher in the credits
  • All-Star Rest Area: Complete All-Star Mode with 15 characters
  • Master Hand: Complete Classic Mode at 3.0 difficulty or higher
  • Master Core: Defeat Master Core in Classic Mode (fight both Master Hand and Crazy Hand on a high difficulty)


  • Toad: Obtain 30 trophies
  • Epona: Complete All-Star Mode on Easy diffiulty
  • Peach ???: Fight three matches on Rainbow Road
  • Bonkers: Score over 300m in Home-Run Contest
  • Timmy and Tommy: Play Trophy Smash
  • Home Run Bat: Play Home Run Contest
  • Cragalanche: Fight three matches on Reset Bomb Fortress
  • Dark Pit Staff: Unlock Dark Pit
  • Karate Man: Clear 300 blocks in Trophy Rush
  • Mr. Saturn: Win two matches as Ness
  • Blast Box: Score 100,000 or more in Target Blast
  • Redd: Collect 150 trophies
  • Bomb King: ???
  • Golden Retriever: Fight three matches on the Living Room stage
  • Mugly: Strike ten opponents in StreetPass Smash
  • Master Hand: Complete Classic Mode with five characters
  • Dark Emperor: Fight three matches on the Find Mii stage
  • Fire Stingray: Defeat thirty opponents in Endless Battle
  • Knuckle Joe: Play Multiplayer matches for ten hours
  • Medusa: Complete All-Star Mode on Normal difficulty
  • Miki: Unlock all custom abilities, hats, and body parts
  • Sandbag: ???
  • Luigi (Poltergust): Collect 500 Trophies
  • Kat & Ana: Complete ??? with all characters
  • Shadow: Complete ??? with all characters
  • Color TV Game 15: Play Multiplayer matches for fifty hours
  • Dark Train: Play Target Blast with all characters
  • Green Koopa: Strike twenty opponents in StreetPass Smash
  • ???: Complete All-Star Mode on Hard difficulty
  • Jill: Collect 600 trophies
  • Super Star: ???

Equipaggiamenti Mii:

  • Football Helmet: Create a Mii Fighter
  • Spiny Hat: Play Cruel Battle
  • Super Mushroom Hat: Play Rival Battle
  • Princess Crown: Play for twenty hours
  • Steampunk Clothes: Clear all red targets in Target Smash
  • Protector Suit: Land a 100-hit combo in Training Mode
  • Lion Hat: Defeat four opponents in Cruel Battle
  • Prince Hat: Collect all items in Smash Run
  • Princess Zelda Tiara: Win two matches as Zelda
  • Luigi Hat: Win three matches as Luigi
  • Samus Helmet: Win ten matches as Samus
  • Kabuto Hat: Unlock five custom body parts
  • Royal Armor: Unlock ten custom head parts

Poké Ball Pokémon:

  • Xerneas: Play Target Blast
  • Victini: Play 100-Man Battle
  • Genesect: Play Endless Battle
  • Zoroark: Win 10-Man Battle
  • Meloetta: Play for eight hours


  • Horizontal Beam Lv. 1: Win a round of Smash Run
  • Rolling Blade Lv. 1: Win a round of Smash Run with five characters
  • Reflector Lv. 2: Collect ten items in Smash Run
  • Mach Stamp Lv. 2: Collect 25 items in Smash Run
  • Horizontal Beam Lv. 2: Play Smash Run five times
  • Shuffle Lv. 3: Win Smash Run as all characters
  • ??? Lv. 1: Unlock three custom body parts
  • ??? Lv. 1: Unlock five custom head parts
  • ??? Badge: Get twenty counters in StreetPass Smash
  • Shine Spark Lv. 2: Play StreetPass Smash with five different people
  • ??? Badge: ??? in Rival Battle
  • ??? Badge: Score 50 in Rival Battle
  • ??? Badge: Win 100-Man Battle
  • ??? Badge: Beat 110 opponents in 3-Minute Battle
  • ??? Badge: Beat two opponents in Cruel Battle
  • ??? Ring: Beat 200 opponents in Endless Battle
  • ???: Score 600m in Home-Run Contest
  • Leader Lv. 3: Score 1000m in Home-Run Contest
  • ??? Badge: Play Home-Run Contest with fifteen characters
  • ??? Badge: Land a 40-hit combo in Training Mode
  • ??? Badge: Create three custom characters
  • ??? Badge: Create ten custom characters
  • ??? Badge: Get 100 total K.O.s
  • ??? Badge: Get 300 total K.O.s
  • ??? Badge: Get 1000 total K.O.s
  • ??? Badge: Unlock 15 custom parts
  • ??? Badge: Walk a total distance of 50km in-game
  • High Jump Lv. 3: Jump a total height of 10km in-game
  • ??? Badge: Beat 10-Man Battle in 20 seconds or less
  • ??? Badge: Land over 400 hits total in Training Mode

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